Durapad Deskpads


Product Features


Durapad Desk Pads are designed for any modern office décor and are available in three different styles.  The Executive style features stylish faux leather is available in two different sizes.  The Contoured style is available in three sizes and features a sleek contoured design. The Organizer style features a modern look with many compartments for easy organization.

Product Features:


  • Sleek Contoured Design
  • Moveable Cable Organizer Clips
  • Molded Channel for Holding Writing Utensils
  • Comfortable Writing Surface/Mouse Friendly
  • Non-Skid Backing Safe for All Desk Finishes

  • Sleek Modern Design
  • Integrated Storage for Office Supplies
  • Compartment Specifically for Cell Phones
  • Non-Skid Backing Safe for All Desk Finishes

  • Available in 2 Different Sizes
  • Stylish Faux Leather Covered Side Panels
  • Moveable Tray Dividers in Side Compartments
  • Smooth, Mouse Friendly Writing Surface
  • Non-Skid Backing Safe for All Desk Finishes