Wood Stamps


WOODIES has set new standards since 2014: not only in design, marketing, and in product quality, but in the area of the presentation of goods at the point of sale. All natural WOODIES make the ideal gift: A beautiful product that is always a pleasure to give or receive. That’s because with WOODIES, you are prepared for any occasion. Crafting enthusiast, creative professionals, and anyone looking for a perfect gift with love our theme sets.

More than 850 stamp designs. Each design has been illustrated by hand by professorial illustrators. Designs perfectly suited for a variety of occasions and sentiments.

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Timeless beauty in proven quality. In our fast-paced times, we often yearn for the old values and the quality of days gone by. With the art of traditional craftsmanship, our Vintage Stamps return a piece of the good old times to our daily lives. The lovingly crafted stamps render a special touch to everyday things and stimulate joyful and comforting memories. Whether in daily usage, as a beautiful ornament or a thoughtful gift — their timeless style makes Vintage Stamps the right choice for any occasion.

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